Usually, when people ask me about IPOs and if I would take part, I would answer in the negative.

Subscribing to what Warren Buffett thinks about IPOs and that is IPOs of stocks are almost always bad investments, I have not taken part in IPOs in many years. Warren Buffett is of the opinion that IPOs are rarely undervalued offers.

What about the IPO of APTT? Is this an exception?

Well, APTT will be holding TBC which was a business in MIIF’s portfolio and we know that TBC was the crown jewel of MIIF’s portfolio of businesses. With TBC removed from its portfolio, MIIF saw its unit price tumbled almost 70% yesterday.

At a unit price of 97c, APTT’s distribution yield is estimated to be 7.5% in the first year and this is estimated to increase to 8.5% in the second year. With relatively high yields like these waved around, the IPO has attracted a high level of …