STI were up 16 points yesterday but most of the penny stocks and mid-caps suffered heavy losses. We can even see some really impressive fall from grace in some of the recent crazy horses. They include:
Cordlife 84cts -21.5cts or -20%
ISDN 1.095 -24.5cts -18%
Halycon 83cts -15.5cts -16%
Dukang 60.5cts -2.5cts -4%
Sinarmas 67.5cts -8cts -11%
XMH 42cts -3.5cts -8%
Swiber 73.5cts -3cts -4%
SinoGrandness 1.40 -4cts -3%

Some of the above-mentioned stocks lack the fundamental to justify their share price and it is high time that they are back to the ground after all the hype-up. But some like Dukang, SinoGrandness Swiber and Sinarmas have the fundamental backing and I believe that they will be back in the limelight rather quickly again.

I should also highlight a couple of Greens that I saw in my watchlist. It is …