6 Tips to Help You Deal Successfully with Renovation Contractors

By Property Soul (guest contributor)

Are you looking to renovate a property? I have done four major renovations and countless fixing projects for my properties in Singapore. Over the years, I manage to find at least one good electrician, plumber, carpenter, handyman, etc. But for whatever reason – perhaps it’s because I’m unlucky, or maybe it’s simply the nature of the business – I have yet to find an honest contractor or a reliable renovation company. Yes, not even one.

Bad experiences with contractors

What I have had are some unpleasant experiences that you may have encountered before if you have commissioned any renovation project:

1. After placing a deposit, the salespersons’ prompt responses become delayed or you get no reply.

2. The contractors are “very busy” and you have to bear with the fact that they are often late for (or absent from) any appointment with you.

3. Timelines …