So last night, I took on the Yoshimaru Ramen Challenge where I attempted to finish 3 portions of ramen. In 15 minutes, I had to finish everything – 3 portions of ramen, chashu, tamago eggs, soup and condiments – and not puke everything out immediately after that. If I succeeded, I’d get the entire bowl free. If not, I have to pay $30++.

I love ramen, and I can usually demolish an entire bowl in like 5 minutes or less. I also usually request for several rounds of kaedama (a “refill” of noodles), so I was pretty confident about dominating the challenge.

This was what I looked like before I started:


And 15 minutes later:



As you can probably guess – I totally failed. As much as I love ramen, it was a real struggle to shovel hoards of noodles into my mouth after like 8 minutes or so. I …