Thai Bev Marketing Co plans to spend 1.2 billion baht (about S$50M) on sports marketing in 2014 to internationalize Chang’s image and attract global drinkers. According to Senior Marketing Manager Khun Lathitham, it will be a 20% increase in promotion costs from 2013.

For readers who follow the English Premier League, they would have seen the name Chang proudly emblazoned across Everton’s jerseys. Chang beer is also the official sponsor of popular clubs Barcelona and Real Madrid, as well as the Thai national football team. For many sports fans, especially football fans, beer goes hand in hand with watching a game.

Although no plans have been revealed, it is expected that Chang will have a role to play in the Fifa World Cup next year. Thaibev is gunning for accelerated growth by tapping F&N’s strong business network in the ASEAN region.

Thaibev has spent money in music marketing via …