I decide to take a break from blogging even though I have some spare time. But this earnings season, there are some sub plots that I will want to see how it will turned out.

Frasers Centrepoint Trust (Analysis)

Retail suburban trust, like all REITs was beaten down as they will fare pretty worse in a persistent rising yield environment.

There are still some excess Causeway point post asset enhancement upward reversion in place.

FY 2014 have 30% going to expire, FY 2015 36%.

Management have indicated there are room for 10% rental revision so we shall see.

China Merchant Pacific (Detail)

Share price have moved down since I did more adding at the average price of 91 cents. Taking massive losses there!

But of more concern is really, with the China slow down, how will this really affect the sturdiness of earnings and cash flow.