As a followup on my previous post: The Art of Goal Setting,

the practical manifestation can be observed as follows:

The more limited the places and the harder it is to get in, the more we desire to apply to that primary school, faculty, or university. If we can help it, we do our best to avoid the anyone and everyone can get in learning institutions…

Hundreds and thousands apply to join reality TV talent shows – all for a shot of their dreams – knowing full well that only a few will emerge the “winner”.

Why are there long queues to buy Toto especially when the top prize has snowballed? Despite the great odds against us, it’s precisely that which attracts us! Imagine striking first prize only to realise we have to share it with 1,000 other prize winners… Hard to strike is better right?

This is all good as everyone goes in with eyes wide open.

But something strange happens when it comes to speculation. I use this word precisely to demonstrate when we substitute it with words like investing or trading, somehow we will park our common sense at our homes.


How then do you explain why people believe the spin at seminars when snake oil salespersons say if you follow their easy to follow steps, anyone and everyone can emerge as winners?

If you have attended these “free” previews, you would know what I mean.

I would have thought alarm bells would be ringing out loud!

I mean if anyone and everyone could do it, shouldn’t the payout be something similar to “minimum wage”?

I am not promoting materialism. For people who have discovered spirituality, material possessions are no longer as important as they used to be.

Many do talk about about “giving up” or “removing clutter” in their lives – that’s another alternative path to financial freedom – consume less; want less.

Guess what? Precisely! Only a minority can achieve this simplicity in their lives.

It’s definitely not anyone and everyone.

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