The last time I sold shares of China Minzhong’s was at $1.185 a share.  Since then, I added to my long position twice at $0.97 and $1.025. Today, I added to my long position again at $1.065.

Technically, even though there is some volatility in the share price, the MACD is supportive as a higher low was formed even as a lower low in price was seen. Another higher low in the MACD would mean that momentum is relatively strong.

$1.055 seems to be the immediate support which is being reinforced by the rising 50d MA. The 100d MA seems to be flattening at $1.065. Of course, there exists a chance that the 200d MA might once again be tested and it now approximates $0.995. I am willing to hazard a guess that it would bring out the buyers if it should …