I have been in Bangkok for more than a week and decided to drop by for a quick visit to Bumrungrad Hospital.

Bumrungrad is the first hospital in Thailand to achieve JCI accreditation, and also the largest private hospital in Southeast Asia. Bumrungrad is a one-stop medical center, offering diagnostic, therapeutic and intensive care facilities.

As I wander around the various buildings of the medical center, most of the human traffic I see are Middle Eastern folks, followed by Asians (Japanese, Thai), and a handful of Westerners. Many of them are accompanied by family; there are various packages that cover the patient’s treatment and their families’ stay for a duration. As of June 15, 2013, the hospital’s Hospitality Residence ceased its operations, however patients’ families are assisted to make hotel reservations nearby.

Bumrungrad is also going to host an event called “Healthy Mom, Healthy Me” from 6-8 Aug, probably timed …