Although many have asked questions on which investment account is better, no one has asked about the expected returns from opening these accounts.

I feel that knowing the expected returns is as important as educating readers on the pros and cons of opening an investment account with POSB/OCBC/POEMS.

Thus, I have created a spreadsheet for readers to use:

Below are the assumptions made in creating the spread-sheet:

1. Investing commenced since inception of STI ETF (ES3).

2. Investing is done on the last trading day of each month at closing price.

3. Fees are charged according to non-promotional rates as stated in the FAQs.
(POSB and OCBC are currently having limited time only rates before reverting to the normal rate.)

4. Fees are charged on investment capital used in buying the shares.

5. Dividends are recorded on ‘Record Date.’ (A fee is charged on the …