Asking the What, Why and How of Properties

By Property Soul (guest contributor)

Time flies. My little girl recently turned two. Happy birthday sweetheart! With a limited vocabulary, her favorite words are “what”, “why” and “how”. And she enjoys dragging the vowels to show her emotions. Here is a typical example:

“See what we have in the fridge.”


“Fresh milk or orange juice?”

She opens the freezer and points at the ice-cream.

“No, you can’t have this for breakfast.”


“Because you’ll have a stomach upset.”


“Er …”

“No no,” she shakes her head and walks away.

A toddler asks what, why and how all the time. But as we grow older, we gradually lose our natural curiosity to question the things around us.

Perhaps we are too lazy and don’t bother to know what is happening. Maybe it is too tiring to find an explanation to everything. Or …