Alhamdulillah… I am very pleased with the article in Berita Harian, dated 24th August 2013, on the stellar performance of NTUC Income Takaful fund, and what amazes me further is its performance as compared to other shariah compliant funds, making it the best performing shariah compliant fund in Singapore.



NTUC Income Takaful fund is a specialised fund that invests in the global equity markets via instruments that are shariah compliant. Its investment objective is to achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing in a diversified global portfolio of equity securities issued by companies considered to be in compliance with Islamic guidelines. This fund is designed based on Islamic principles.

Below are the top 10 holdings of NTUC Income Takaful fund.


I always advice my client that if you have limited funds, and you will like to do investment in the open stock market, it can be very difficult. You will need to …