This blog post is a response to a comment from Solidcore. See his comment: here.

I am adding to his comment by saying that although understanding our motivations is important in our investment efforts, we have to remember that, alone, it is not enough for us to make sound decisions, of course.

If we believe the news, a 10 year US Treasury will have a risk free rate of 3.5% eventually. This is, however, unlikely to happen rapidly in the near future. Why? The USA is, at best, emerging from its problems and we see Europe and Japan still doing their own QEs with no sign of stopping.

So, if we are after distribution yields from S-REITs, having lower unit prices, everything else remaining equal, is good for us. This is easy enough to understand. However, at the same time, given the realities and the possibilities of the day, we want to avoid capital loss as …