2013 is the year where markets is ‘played’ to the tune of QE and its noises. Not depression, inflation, growth, etc.

My earlier post on GFC, QE1 QE2 (QE3, QE infinity, QE finite) what’s next is the series of events on a blueprint of how financial markets is designed to trend.

Why QE? Global (and US) QE were designed to lower long term interest rates with the objective of improving growth! As growth did not materialize, there’s QE1 QE2 QE3 and QE infinite. As long as growth does not meet the desired level, whether inflation, etc Central Banks would employ QE and this will carry on and on and on.

The mere suggestion of QE finite by the world’s most powerful man was an exercise to determine how global markets would react. And when markets start to plunge and exceed their ‘speculation’, respective Fed speakers would come to the rescue …