Predictions such as the recent one by Barclays for a significant correction in housing prices in Singapore by 2015 are getting rather common.

“We believe the risk of a residential property market correction in the next
two years is rising, as expected higher interest rates look set to coincide with
a large increase in housing supply over 2014-15,” Tricia Song, analyst at
Barclays wrote in a report on Friday, 27 Sep 13.

In such a situation, can we expect certain segments of the housing market to weather the decline better than others?

In The Business Times today, I read that “prices of small completed private apartments (up to 506 sq ft) climbed for the second month in a row to hit a new peak in August.”



CapitaLand’s latest project “SkyVue” in Bishan saw 410 of the 505 units released for sale snapped up on the first day with …