Yesterday night, as usual, I was going through
the stock chart of my watchlist stocks and the
indices. While looking at the Dow Jone index
chart, I suddenly had a thrill that went up my
spine and all the way to my head. It seems that
the chart is trying to tell me something. Then
I realised that I have seen the exact chart somewhere
in a book or an article that I read. I went to 
search for the book or article in my personal 
cabinet. I knew that I definitely did see the exact
chart in a book and after going through many 
stock trading and investing books, I found it.

The reader should now look at the Dow Jones 
chart and compare it with Three Peaks and a 
Domed House. Try Google it and you will see
an eerie resemblance of the Dow Jones chart
and the (Read more…)