Is a common currency for member nations of ASEAN feasible? Matthew goes through some pertinent points:

Economic development

ASEAN countries have highly diverse economic development stages. According to the International Monetary Fund (2011) Singapore and Brunei, the richest countries in ASEAN, has a GDP (PPP) per capita of $59,936 and $49,517 respectively. In comparison, Myanmar’s GDP (PPP) per capita is a mere 2% of Singapore’s at $1,327. In fact, the sum of GDP (PPP) per capita of the other 8 countries namely, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar is less than Brunei, at $43,676.

This degree of diversity in income could make it near impossible to sustain a monetary union amongst ASEAN countries. Just like how the PIIGS of the European Union (EU) is causing the richer nations in the EU to pay for their fiscal incapabilities, the “less fiscally endowed” countries will cause Singapore and …