Curiosity shouldn’t stop when one reaches adulthood. I believe we have a deeply curious nature that persist with age. Not only is our curiosity expanding outwardly, we are also looking deeper into our own psyche. One may link this behavioral characteristic that we have to an evolutionary explanation of “exploring to survive”.

There are some pointers in the concept of number sequences that is worth being curious about.

Fibonacci Retracements is a set of resistance/support lines I use for my charts, it is derived from a sequence of numbers also known as the “Golden Ratio”. Fibonacci sequences appear in biological settings too(click here). These ratios seem to play an important role in the stock market, just as they do in nature. If these retracements lines can be statistically shown to encompass human sentimental thresholds, then this will prove that the fibonacci numbers are intrinsic in our human psyche.

Elliot …