The tide has turned. Momentarily at least. With the prescription of the QE (quantitative easing) drug remaining status quo, global equity markets surged; some hit record highs. The rally certainly caught many off guard. If you had missed out on the move, you probably want to know whether there are any stocks that could spring further surprises down the road. We look into that as we reassess the stock picks from market experts and the Shares Investment team.

For a quarter that saw stock performances weighed by negative sentiments for the most part, investors were happy to see a rally late into the July to September period. And that was enough to lift Singapore stocks a tad higher for the quarter. Supportive of the rise, besides the Fed’s announcement, were positive economic indicators out of China and Europe.

For the Eurozone, a 0.3 percent economic growth in the second quarter and improving factory production pointed to stability in its path to recovery. Meanwhile, the world’s second largest economy seems to be on track to achieve its 2013 growth target following a rebound that was driven by a “mini stimulus” in July.

Tracking global stock markets, the Straits Times Index finished the third quarter up slightly by 0.6 percent. Referencing from the price appreciation aspect in the table displayed below, most of the stock picks did not manage to shake off the QE tapering scare. Despite that, some are staying put as picks for the fourth quarter. We speak to market experts to find out the reasons behind.

For in house picks, we will be making a switch for Perennial China Retail Trust with CapitaRetail China Trust. While China continues to shine through, the benefits of increased consumerism will take a longer time to materialise for Perennial China Retail Trust as it fills its malls. On the other hand, results are already showing at CapitaRetail China Trust.

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