Top 5 New Property Launch Gimmicks

By Property Soul (guest contributor)

There are many tactics employed by property developers and their marketing agents during the launch of off-plan properties. In this article we’ll go through the five most common marketing gimmicks, namely:

1. Gather a crowd

2. Create urgency

3. Make some noise

4. Dangle the carrot

5. Promise a good return.

Gimmick 1: Gather a crowd

When it comes to buying big ticket items like properties, no one wants to be a guinea pig. The traffic in the sales gallery is a thermometer to measure the popularity of a project. Seeing people turning up in droves can reassure potential buyers that they are most probably making the right choice.

It is therefore the job of the marketing agent to ensure the following at the sales gallery, at least during the first weekend of a new launch:

1. Fill up the temporary carpark to make it …