Telechoice International looks like a Neratel 2.0 with an execution issue.

I am not going deep into this article but just going to briefly mentioned this.

Per Google Finance,

TeleChoice International Limited is an investment holding company. The Company is a regional diversified provider and enabler of info-communications products and services.

The Company operates in three segments: Personal Communications Solutions Services, Info-Communications Technology Services and Network Engineering Services.

Personal Communications Solutions Services division provides fulfillment, distribution and supply chain management services relating to mobile communication devices and accessories. Its spectrum of services include forecasting, purchasing, financing, logistics, warehousing, inventory support, road show management, retail customer premises equipment (CPE) stocks management, and after sales service.

Info-Communications Technology Services division is a regional integrated info-communications solutions provider.

Network Engineering Services division is a regional provider of network engineering services and supplier of specialized telecommunication products.

Telechoice is not a new business …