Many New Yorkers have the option of staying or retiring in lower cost states like Colorado and Florida within their home country. Although this isn’t strictly applicable in Singapore (although I have to admit that food centre prices in some mature estates tend to be cheaper?), we do have the option of travelling to our neighbours where the purchasing power of our Singapore salaries can be drastically increased, to enjoy some of the “finer things” in life.

With the Singapore dollar appreciating strongly against the Malaysian Ringgit, it has breached the psychological mark of 2.5 RM to 1 SGD in recent months. Therefore, it’s not surprising that we are hearing more of Singaporeans driving to Johor Bahru to top up their petrol and also enjoy a seafood dinner with their loved ones.

But what if you don’t own a car like me? Is this geographical arbitrage opportunity not applicable to us then?


How I Get To JB

In fact, …