Credit:! You may have noticed that cheerfulegg’s gone a little quiet lately, and there’re two reasons for that:

  • I spent a greater part of the last 3 weeks exercising and running around jungles (i.e: I was serving the nation doing my reservist and the SAF doesn’t allow laptops into camp. I’m like, dude, you let us bring phones that can take pictures and videos into camp but you won’t let us bring in a measly laptop?!)
  • More importantly, I’ve been working on a secret project for the last three months. I recently started dedicating a lot more time into it, since I wanted to get a working prototype out by the end of 2013. Some of you may already have a clue on what it is, but for now, just watch this space for updates :)

Everyone’s riding off the post-Christmas-pre-New-Year high this week, so I didn’t wanna post …