2014 will be a milestone year for me.  I am planning to be finally debt-free by the end of 2014.

My outstanding HDB housing loan will dip below $100K in 2014, making it impossible for further re-financing with the bank.

I have done a loan re-financing in 2012, with 2 years locked-in period.  It was not a bad deal as the interest rates were 1+% for the first year, 2+% for the second year and 3+% for the third year.

I am planning to pay off the remaining HDB loan by the combination of the followings:

1. Matured endowment policy
– Luckily I have one 21-years endowment policy maturing in mid-2014.  Time really flies and 20 years have already gone by since the day I started contributing to that endowment.

2. Housing loan “pay-up fund”
– I have started this fund after the last re-financing, contributing a fixed sum every month into it.

3. …