The NCAV approach to stock investing – front & back

When I first saw this book online, I was intrigued by its title “The Net Current Asset Value Approach To Stock Investing“. This investing approach was first coined by the Father of Value Investing, Benjamin Graham and generated excellent results for his investing firm < > and later on replicated to great effect by investing legends like Warren Buffett (early days), Walter Schloss, Peter Cundill, Jerome Bos.

Expectations were high when I bought the book. Unfortunately, this is also the problem similar to buying stocks that traded at unrealistically high P/E ratios. Sky-high expectations cannot be met. Indeed, what a letdown. Let me tell you why.

The issue with books in general is that the contents have to achieve at least one of two things:
    (1) Value add to the reader’s knowledge
    (2) Convince, …