Are You an Armchair Property Investor?

By Gerald Tay (Guest Contributor)

On a daily basis, I probably get 5 to10 emails telling me investing in property is my route to “financial freedom” or “it’s a better bet than investing in stocks.” And for some, property might be. But for many, it can be the worst investment you make.

There are far too many companies shouting about the benefits of property investment, when really what they mean is “Please invest in property so WE can get rich.” The reality is, many people I have met who want you to invest in property don’t care two hoots if you make money or not, as long as they profit from your investment!

Are you an “armchair investor”?

I must admit, I find “armchair investors” very perplexing.

I strongly believe that the best person to look after my money and my financial future is the person I see …