6 Reasons Why Property Curbs Should NOT Be Removed

By Gerald Tay (guest contributor)

There have been recent calls to the government asking to relax some of its property-cooling measures as demand for real estate wanes. MrGetty Goh, director at Ascendant Assets voiced his view on this, speaking at a Business Outlook Forum recently.

He said the government should consider repealing the Seller Stamp Duty (SSD) for residential properties introduced in January 2011, because sellers who are keen to dispose their properties may find themselves tied down by it.

Many people I have met who want you to invest in property don’t care two hoots if you make money or not, as long as they profit from your investment. And the same group of people are now calling for property curbs to be removed because of a so-call ‘lacklustre’ property market.

Mr Getty Goh is one of the few respected voices I listen to among the many industry players, …