The recent hot spell and “drought” in Singapore is causing our trees to shed leaves like crazy in order to minimise water loss through transpiration.

I guess our trees are hunkering down till the rain comes again.
For adventurers caught in a blizzard while mountaineering or traversing across our Arctic and Antarctic poles, our bodies do behave like trees do in a crisis.

Body heat is concentrated to our vital organs like the heart, lungs, and brains.

Our toes being furthest from our “core”, is sacrificed to frostbite…

During times of plenty, we may complain about the heat or the cold of our job.

Maybe we would like to take a step back and find out whether we are the “core”, or are we the leaves and toes…

If you belong to the “core”, nothing to see here. Move along now.

If you are the leaves or toes, this is the time where you may discover the difference between knowledge and applied knowledge

For investors who are 100% vested, it’s a good exercise to identify which are the leaves or toes in your portfolio.

In a stressful market sell-off, you don’t want to panic sell your “core” and keep the leaves and toes by mistake!

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