It is already the first quarter of calendar year 2014 or last quarter of the financial year 2013-2014 (assuming it is a 31 March 2014 year-end). My last blog post was somewhere around Christmas 2014 / New Year 2014 period.

Life is moving quickly these days as my daughter celebrated her 6 years recently. Less than 1 year and she will be in the school system. It amazes me how fast she grows. The last 2 years have been spectacularly fast as I look back at her old baby photographs and pictures taken.

Investment-wise, I have re-allocated my portfolio towards equities and this is a snapshot of my current portfolio. I still have about 32% of my investible assets in cash. I am reasonably comfortable with this portfolio for the time being.

I will be 43 years old this year and am starting to invest more into …