DTS System Updates & Quarterly Review

DTS System Updates & Quarterly Review

In the last post on 17 Jan 2014, I had introduced the concept of DTS system and its functions.

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During the 2 months, I have managed to establish a portfolio using this system in order to track the “real-life” performance for 3 years, so as to make sure the effectiveness of using this system in future.

The framework of the portfolio is as follows:

  • Portfolio Size: $100,000
  • Max number of new positions at one time: 5 positions
  • Size per position: Portfolio size / 5 positions ($100,000 / 5 = $20,000 per position)
  • Profit to be taken when hit profit target 1 while leaving the profit to ride on.
  • Ride on profit counters to be held till it hit target 2
  • Dividend received will be pumped back into the portfolio size upon receiving.

The following …