Olam stocks: Buy, Hold or Sell?

Temasek Holdings has bought over Olam at $2.23 per share and Olam stock is currently trading at $2.23. Different from other “buy-overs”, Olam stock will not be delisted but will continue to trade on the Singapore Stocks Exchange. I believe the question on investors’ minds is to hold or sell Olam stocks if they have Olam stocks currently. For investors who are interested in Olam stocks, the question on their minds will be whether to buy Olam stock as the thinking is that Olam stock price may go higher with Temasek Holdings as the owner of Olam.

For myself, I believe a stock is only as good as the owner. With Temasek Holdings now being the owner of Olam, I believe the appointment of the next CEO of Olam will be one of the roles of Temasek Holdings. With a majority of Temasek-linked companies like SMRT and NOL …

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