Hi Ak,

I was looking for high dividend yield coys for investment. Three coys caught my attention. What is your view about hotung investment, a Taiwan based VC. I understand the coy is in a net cash position, and been giving consistent dividend about 7 to 8%. Why the price of the stock is undervalued and at a discount?

The other two are venture corp and sing post.

Venture corp – a well managed coy providing consistent high dividend yield. Recovering from poor performance, and has added a new product mix – 3D printing. Do expect the coy to continue giving consistent good dividend.

Sing post, reasonable dividend yield, giving quarterly dividend. A coy that may grow with e- commerce which has growth potential.

Will you consider adding these coys to your portfolio? If yes or no, why?

Thank you for your time. Enjoy reading your blog.. which is getting more and more popular…