Stock screener
Before we start to analyse the stocks (either using Fundamental Analysis or Technical Analysis), we need to identify which stock(s) to analyse first. usually, there are three ways we can go about it i.e. :
1. Randomly pick from the whole list of the stocks available for trading.
2. Base on the news/reports that you read from online or offline resources.
3. Use a stock screener to filter out the relevant stocks that match with your desired parameters (e.g. PE Ratio, Dividend Yield etc…).
I believed most investors are practicing either (2) and/or (3), like myself. For number (3), I would like to share 4 FREE stock screeners that I am currently using and hope that you folks find them useful too.
1. SGX’s Stock Screener :
With the recent revamp of the SGX site, I think not many people know that there is a stock screener tool hidden within the …