I remember a very interesting incident when I was in primary 3. It’s still vivid like it happened yesterday.

One of my classmate asked our teacher why his mother pushed him into the sun when he tried to seek shelter under the shade of the umbrella his mother was carrying?

Quick! Don’t think.

What’s the spontaneous answer that pops in your brain right now?

Now scroll down for what the answer our teacher gave him.

Our teacher was caught a bit off guard. She thought for a while and replied it was because my classmate’s mother wanted her son to get vitamin D from the sun.


As I grew up, I found out that what my teacher replied was scientifically correct. But I still feel that’s not the answer. Hence this incident left a strong impression even until today.

What’s your answer?

Was it spontaneous or like our teacher, you thought about it first.

There’s no right or wrong answer as none of us is the mother.

What’s my spontaneous answer way back in primary 3?

The mother wants her son to grow up be a man.

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