First high profile death involving liposuction

Botched plastic surgeries met its first death case in Singapore in 2009. The first death case was also a high profile case as it involved a high networth individual.  44-year-old Mr. Franklin Heng, the CEO of YTL Pacific Star REIT Management Ltd, died after a liposuction operation went horribly wrong.

According to The New Paper[1], his family appointed Rockwills Trustee as the administrator of the late Franklin Heng’s estate. Rockwills Trustee in turn sued the two doctors – general practitioners Dr Jim Wong and Dr Zhu Xiu Chun- for $1 million in compensation.

(Disclosure: I am also a Senior Rockwills Estate Planner with Rockwills).

In 2012, it was reported by Straits Times[2] that both doctors decided not to contest the lawsuit. The damages to be awarded were likely to exceed $1 million. The doctors’ professional indemnity insurance were with NTUC …