Top 5 blog posts
So far, this humble blog of mine has existed for almost 3 months now. Three months is not a long time but in the internet age, it is like already ages ago. Hahaha.
I hope to continue to write my heart out for as long as possible and get connected to as many liked minded investors/bloggers as possible. After 137 posts (excluding this one) later, I thought to take a recap of what I’ve done in terms of the traffics/page views (a blog without visitors is kind of “poor thing” you know? hehe)
So, just did some study and following are some high level statistics :
A. Total Pageviews :
     17,245 (at the time of writing this post)
B. Top 3 traffic sources:
     a. The Finance Sg (
     b. Stumble Upon (
     c. Sg Invest Bloggers (