Value Edge
Here comes another post for my “Interview With Fellow Investors” series. I am getting more and more motivated to gather more investors/bloggers on board. It is really cool experience in interacting with the peer investors/bloggers, even though we might not have met each other before (or even after) but I can feel the connection just by sharing each other’s stories/experiences.
My next interviewee, TL (co-author of the Value Edge blog) and I got connected from just a simple email request. Initially, it was not for the interview but rather for a blog link exchange. Even though I started my investment journey really late in life but I am happy to see more and more younger folks plunging into the game and coupled with the necessary knowledge/fundamentals. And I dare to say that TL is definitely belongs to such a group of young chaps (pardon me, I think I am “senior” enough to call you that;-)).