To date, we have had more AUD kangaroo bond issues than the entire of 2013 – 127 issues compared to 118 for 2013. Singapore has had only 71 so far (last count 73), it makes Singapore look like a has-been.

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A simple definition of kangaroo bonds are bonds issued by non domestic borrowers denominated in AUD. These non domestic bonds are part of the larger world of eurobonds, which is the generic term for bonds issued in a currency other than the domestic currency of the borrower.

In the old days, no one really bothered with AUD bonds because their curve was inverted anyway and it made sense to just do a fixed deposit at 6.5% than buy a 10 year bond at less.

Check out the 2007 interest rate curve vs current.

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I traded AUD eurobonds back in 2004 and had a good time with them because …