Earlier this week, a repost of my article “A Simple Affordability Test” by Yahoo News and Propwise.sg from my book No B.S. Guide to Property Investment has sparked off some debate online.

Below is the original article in my book for your reference:

A simple affordability test

Daniel is a single in his mid-thirties. He is staying with his parents now but is considering moving out on his own. He has a savings of $120,000 and is drawing a monthly income of $6,000. He is eyeing a studio unit in a newly-launched private residential project downtown as his bachelor’s pad.

Joshua and Esther are newly-weds. They have been looking for their ideal home for some time. They want to buy a three-bedroom flat in a condominium near to where Esther’s parents stay. They have a combined salary of $10,000 and savings of $150,000.

Both parties write in about …