I remembered selling Parkson Retail in fear when it fell 4 cents in a single day. I blogged about it here.

Random thoughts: My mental journey with Parkson Asia

I believed a deeper correction of more than 5% is now inevitable given markets just skid through a 3-4% correction and has not seen any meaningful correction in the whole year.

October perhaps, when easing ends…

I knew if Parkson go lower than my purchase price, this time round, I will not panic but start to accumulate.

I know the dividends will provide the painkillers as I wait.

Now, Parkson share price shot up more than 10% in 3 days, giving me 3 years worth of dividends including growth, or 4 years worth of dividends if growth does not set in from 2016 onward.

Now I super feel like taking profits, but worried about missing a potential winner.

The theory are easy …