People can say what they want (seems like everyone has a different view as to what it will achieve) but to me, the essence of SGX board lot reduction to 100 boils down to one word – affordability. Well, at least to small-time investors like myself.

I thought, why not a simple illustration.

Case Study

Let’s assume we are now in 2015 and I have $800 to spare in my bank account. While window shopping after work and during weekends, it seemed like every single freaking shopping mall, regardless of sub-urban or prime location,  is always packed with people.

*light-bulb in my head brightens*

Why not invest in shopping malls?! After some homework i.e. tikam tikam, I’m convinced that Vivocity, the largest shopping mall in Singapore, has the potential for future AEIs and earnings growth. Also, I like how CapitaMall have been doing a decent job of getting consumers like …