CIMB has just come up with a new promotion to attract new customers in the highly competitive stock brokerage market. This one is interesting enough to make even the current no commission guys like Standard Chartered be on their toes.

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By trading with cash upfront, you will pay only 0.12% or a minimum of $12 on every trade for brokerage commission. That’s a lot lower than most other firms which generally do 0.18% or a minimum of $18.

img cimb promotion sep 2014


The New CIMB Promotion

To work out the numbers, a $10,000 trade will be required to hit the minimum of $12.
($10,000 * 0.12%) = $12.

For a similar trade, it will be $18 for the 0.18% promotions.

If you compare to brokerages which currently offer no minimum commissions, but higher percentage of 0.2%, you actually pay less with CIMB for a $10,000 trade, ($10,000 …