For some Singaporeans, growing old means living in a nursing home in Johor Bahru

The facts are very simple. Even with government subsidy, the fees for nursing homes in Johor are still much lower than one in Singapore. It was reported as early as 16th Feb 2009 by the Straits Times that “JB nursing homes draw some Singaporeans”.

Just how expensive can this kind of long term care cost? It is easy to see from the table below that a bedridden patient will drain the family income by $4,000 to $5,000 per month.  Are Singaporeans prepared?


(1 Source: “JB nursing homes draw some Singaporeans”, 16th Feb 2009, The Straits Times. 2 Source: Assume 30 visits per month. 3 Source: NTUC ElderCare. Assumes 30 visits per month. 4 Source: “Improving home care”, 20 Dec 2010, The Straits Times.)

Unfortunately, most people are woefully unprepared to cope with such needs and expenses. Various studies have found that individuals admit that they are confused about …

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    Nursing home fees in singapore are really really high. If you are poor, the govt will take care of you in the VWOs, but what about the middle class?

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