Yeah, how time flies. It has been 3 months since I retired from my first job:-)

So I have spent 13 weeks semi-retired. Well, you could argue that I am just unemployed and trying too hard to put a positive spin on things but since it’s the blog title and it’s my blog, why not? Moreover, I am theoretically not wrong since I worked 3-hour-weeks during the bulk of the period.  ;-)

Anyway, in case you’re new to this blog, I am not a start-up (who has sold the start-up) millionaire. Or at least, not yet. Therefore, even though I do feel that I am better than Mr Average, it’s still literally quite impossible for this 28 year old guy to embrace a permanently semi-retired lifestyle for the rest of my life.

But having socked away a good part of our income for the past decade, Mrs 15 HWW and I have accumulated a good stash …