to-do list(Pre-post note: A bunch of you were psyched about using Lift after last week’s post, so I decided to do a series of posts on apps that I’ve found useful.)

Sooooo – let’s talk about to-do lists. What’s the difference between a good to-do list and a crappy one? Here’s my definition:

  • A CRAPPY to-do list has like 40 items on it in no priority whatsoever. You knock off one or two in the first half of the day, and realise you have to add like 5 MORE THINGS. Then you get demoralised and start a new list.
  • A GOOD to-do list is like a mini-cheerleader standing on your desk waving pom-poms and going, “Awesome job for kicking ass! You’ve already blazed your way through 60% of your tasks today and it’s only 11am! GOOOOOOooOOo [your sexy name here]!!”

To-do lists can make or break your …