Have you noticed students of 2-4 studying together at fast food outlets?

It reminded me of my school days.

I never can study in a group.

Someone I liked asked why I don’t talk or blog about the stocks I own.

Simple. I hunt alone.

OK, I do reveal some of my trading positions. But that’s only when I am talking shop to a veteran full-time trader (he hunts alone too). And I only do so in the comments section where it will do less harm to the casual reader.

(When you are learning from someone wiser and more experienced than you, the etiquette is that you have to strip first.)

It’s interesting if you think about it.

Those who hunt in a pack like wolves or lions, they gravitate towards forums, chat rooms, seminars, etc.

There will be an opinion leader, sometimes you can spot the no.2 and no.3 too, and then most of the rest are xxxxxxxxs….

And then there are those that hunt alone like tigers.

I am not a tiger; more like the HDB neighbourhood cat that meows.

Those of us who hunt alone may meet up at the water-hole from time to time.

We meet; we shoot the breeze together; we go our separate ways when happy hours are over.

Singapore Man of Leisure (welcome to my blog; just google it!)