As we all know, the STI has seen some severe beatings starting from January 2014, occasionally picking up only to be damaged some more.

As I have only begun investing somewhere around August, I was not aware of the STI before that. So I did some research on the web.

January 2014

On the second trading day of the New Year a.k.a 2014, the Straits Times Index (STI) fell 43.18 points, or 1.36 per cent. And that one-day drop caused the STI to end the week 0.57 per cent down at 3,131.47.

It also gave the speculation that the STI may end the year in the red, since many people believe in the “Start Strong, Finish Strong”. Therefore, the converse is also true, “Start Weak, Finish Weak”. Something like that!

June 2014

Following that, STI ended the first half of the year on a …