Firstly, some good news. :-)

Amazingly, I was allocated the FULL 75 shares that I applied for during the OCBC rights issue. Together with the 125 shares I was allocated, I was able to get my hands on 200 shares at the bargain price of $7.65. So no odd lots come Jan 15. Furthermore, an additional $150 made just from the excess rights, yeah!

And I finally decided to close the Phillip Capital ShareBuilder Plan (will write more about the reasons in a later post) very early in the month when the STI was still hovering around the 3,300 mark. A bit lucky since the market has also fallen a fair bit since then. Sensing an opportunity, I recycled some of the cash by purchasing 4 lots of MTQ @$1.305 and 2 lots of M1 @$3.51 during the past 2 weeks.

Unfortunately, that’s where all the good news end as …