Just for fun, here goes:

Most of us who started off investing in university, use a Parang or maybe a revolver to kill.

But we always thought we can use a Parang or revolver to slay bears, tigers and dragons.

Slowly, we realized, we need more than revolver and rounds and rounds of ammunition. We need something more sophisticated.

Be it a trader or value investor, or whatever name you fancy, the details are different, but I think you know the following nonetheless.

A Radar system:
To identify stocks to make money. TA for traders, FA for investors or whatever criteria that works for you consistently. Call me money maker. LOL

When you have a radar system, you need to consider the range. Does it has a 100km range or 10000 km range? Its ok to have 1 km radar, as long as you know you are not immune to …