The Bank of Japan surprised investors by announcing it would increase its bond and asset purchases by between 10 trillion yen and 20 trillion yen ($90.7 billion to $181.3 billion) to about 80 trillion yen ($725 billion) annually!!!

This sent the Japanese market up 5% and world wide markets into a crazy rally! Currently the Nikkei is in its 7 year high after gaining over 75% in just 2 years time!

Meanwhile the Dow has also hit a new all time high! Gaining over 30% in the last 2 years.

So the big big question here is, did you use your spare cash during the recent correction?

or were you holding cash and forever waiting for a much bigger market decline?

Well its only the brave that gets rewarded, if your missed the boat then do some reflection and learn from your mistakes. During the recent correction, there …